Boots Facial Silicone Cleansing Bubble Review

I recently popped into Boots and spotted this new cleansing ‘bubble’ and thought I’d give it a try to see if it could amp up my cleansing routine without stripping my skin like the dreaded Clarisonic.


What is it?

It’s essentially a black sponge encased in a flexible silicone casing with little soft silicone spikes (that really aren’t spikey). It comes in black or white depending on your preference.

What does it do?

The idea is that the sponge helps your cleanser to lather and the silicone casing helps to cleanse your skin more deeply than you can with your own hands.


Only costing £4 means that this is a really affordable alternative to a Clarisonic or any electrical face brush. It also means that if you wanted to bin it once it gets a little dirty it wouldn’t break the bank to buy a new one every few months.

Does it live up to the claims?

I’m really impressed by this product. It’s very gentle and doesn’t feel scratchy or stripping on the skin but it definitely cleanses my skin more deeply than I can with my hands. As it isn’t electronic you really do have all the control over the product, so you can cleanse areas where stubborn dirt builds up more deeply than areas you want to be more gentle with. As it’s so flexible it’s really easy to bend the silicone to fit in areas around your nose so you can really clean your skin. In terms of germ control I think this is probably the best you’re going to find, it’s silicone so is easy to clean and doesn’t have fibre bristles which could collect dirt and germs.

Overall I’d definitely recommend trying this product if you’re looking at improving your cleansing routine as I feel like everyone would be able to use this at their own desired intensity for their skin and therefore love the results.

Have you tried the Boots Facial Silicone Cleansing Bubble?


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