Night Out Essentials

In this post I’ll be sharing with you all my tips and tricks for the perfect night out – while I can’t guarantee you won’t end up getting so drunk you throw up,  I can hopefully help you to remember to keep yourself safe and have a night to remember not a night you wish you could forget!

  1. Pop your essentials in a zipped pocket – no one likes getting their stuff stolen, or just dropping it out of your bag on the floor when you’re mid dance. Therefore keeping keys and money in the zipped section of your bag is an absolute must.
  2. Hide your spare money – okay, maybe everyone’s not as bad as me but I have been known to spend all my money and end up walking for miles in the early hours to get home. So I always put a spare £20 note in a section of my bag away from my wallet/normal cash supply. You’ll thank me for that one when you’re not walking home with no shoes on at 3am with jäger in your eye at the mild age of 15. Oops.
  3. Cheap makeup – don’t take your expensive makeup when you’re very intoxicated and will definitely drop it, smash it or leave it behind. Find a few cheap drugstore bits – think Rimmel Stay Matte powder with a Boots own brand powder brush and a lipbalm or MUA £1 lipstick to get you through the night.
  4. Blot with Toilet Roll – who can be bothered carrying blotting sheets – a better question who can be bothered to blot at all when on a night out!? But blotting will remove excess oil and sweat helping your foundation to hold out until the morning hours. Pop some blotting sheets in your bag or risk the toilet roll trick, both are quicker and less risky than reapplying a full face of foundation when a little bit tipsy.
  5. Socks are an essential – I don’t have the coordination for plasters when I’m drunk but socks are an absolute must have. Whether your shoes rub or not doesn’t matter, at some point in the night you’ll have the strongest desire to walk home bare foot and you’ll be thankful for your trusty pair of socks.
  6. Mini Portable Charger – again another life saver on a night out is the person who takes 45 minutes of looking for a pay phone even though you have no change to realise that they have a portable charger. I’d go for a mini one because the big ones will weigh you down, and who needs 4 phones worth of charge to ring one taxi. Also don’t forget the charging wire – an obvious but all too common mistake.
  7. Tampons/Pads/Wipes/Condoms – okay maybe this is TMI but let’s go there. If you (or a friend) are on your period a tampon or pad is an essential, and don’t forget to change your tampon at least every 4 hours, not just for sanitary reasons but Toxic Shock Syndrome is serious and still exists even if you’re drunk. Wipes are certainly not an essential but depending on what your plans are for later in the evening you might want to think about some travel Femfresh wipes you can usually find them in Boots. And of course don’t forget contraception – remember that oral contraception doesn’t cover you for STD’s so think about packing a few condoms even if you’re using oral contraceptives or have an implant.
  8. Taxi numbers – if your internet runs out or you’re too drunk to google coherently saving a few taxi numbers will save you a lot of hassle – or go one step better and  book one in advance!
  9. Mints/Gum – don’t think this needs much explaining but who really feels fresh after a night out? Something to freshen up the morning after/on the way home is a nice touch but definitely not an essential.
  10. Tell someone your plans – any night out can go wrong, you get too drunk, your friends leave you behind or you end up with strangers. Telling someone where you’re going, who you’re going with and what time you’ll be back might sound stupid and overprotective but is SO important.

Maybe this whole post was a little too much information but hopefully it will save you from a treacherous night out! What are your essentials for a night out?


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