March Favourites

March has been a real transition month for me, I feel like my whole mind set has shifted this month and it feels so good to be looking forward to the summer. I have to say on the beauty product front I haven’t found too many amazing bits, I’ve been loyal to my skincare routine because it’s been keeping my skin pretty clear and when I do wear makeup it’s nearly always the same old products. So I’m popping a few lifestyle favourites into this post because I feel like these are the things I’ve been enjoying the most this month!


  1. Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Foundation – I’ve done a whole review on this foundation here and I won’t babble on about my love for it in this post. But if you love a medium/high coverage that’s not heavy or cakey you have to try this foundation, however coming in at £40 makes it a pricier option.
  2. Stila eyeliner in lionfish  – My makeup game hasn’t been that strong this month, but something I have been loving is buffing a thin line of brown eyeliner on the upper lash line and blending onto the lid. It gives a soft messy look which when paired with really long lashes looks so effortless yet put together at the same time.
  3. GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment – I’m not one hundred percent on this product yet but I thought it was worth throwing in this month. It’s the type of mask that causes a bit of trouble breakout wise before it clears and refines your skin. And while I don’t mind dealing with a couple of extra breakouts it can be really disheartening to apply a mask and within a matter of hours have about 4 new breakouts on your face. If you can get past the initial stages of this I found my skin really did improve. If you want to read a full review I’ve got one here.
  4. Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived Gradual Tan – I don’t think I’ve even touched a bottle of proper fake tan this month which is unusual for me. I’m naturally really pale so I’m a lover of anything that gives me a bit of colour but usually gradual tans don’t give me all the glow I want. However the Dove gradual tanner has changed all of that for me, it gives an even glow that’s still visible as a tan (not just a bit of a tint) and it wears off pretty evenly. They’re on the Boots website for £7.79 and currently on 2 for £9 but I’m certain I paid under £5 for mine in Tesco.
  5. Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Extreme Night Pads – I’ve started a little series on glycolic acid products this month and this is one of the ones I’ve been testing out (if you want to see the full review you can here) and I have to say I was so surprised how much I love these little pads. They’re so convenient to use and work so well on the skin I’d highly recommend checking them out!
  6. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – This is one of those products that I don’t realise how much I love it until I lose it and have to rummage through all my handbags to find it. I actually picked up a spare tube this month and I think that alone means it deserves a spot in this months favourites.
  7. Mitchum Gel Anti-Persperant – if you’re a sweaty person you’ll know the pain of finding a deodorant that actually works. This month I’ve seriously considered getting botox to deal with my sweat – maybe this is TMI but if you’re a fellow sweaty person I hope you appreciate the honesty! This anti-persperant definitely isn’t the answer, I still sweat like no other, but it’s the best I’ve tried on the market and definitely think it’s worth trying if you struggle with sweating especially when working out.
  8. Protein – this month has been all about protein bars, protein shakes, protein cookies. Say protein and I’m there. I’ll do some posts on some of my favourite items if you’re interested, and please let me know any of your favourite protein products because I’d love to get some recommendations!
  9. Inside Story by Philip Webster – I won’t gush too much over this book just yet because I’ve got a whole review coming but if you’re interested in British politics you’ll love this book, it’s so personal yet factual and so easy to read.
  10. Ted Baker Sunglasses – I desperately needed some new sunglasses that didn’t get caught in my hair when I put them up on my head, I spotted these in Boots for £60 but decided they were too expensive for a pair of sunglasses that could easily get broken or lost. However when my Boots vouchers came through the post there was a coupon for 50% off a pair of sunglasses and I definitely drove straight back to Boots and bought them within an hour of the vouchers being posted through my door. If you’ve got the Boots Advantage Card vouchers I’d definitely recommend checking out their sunglasses selection as I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

What have your favourites been from the month of March?


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