GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment Review

I’m a lover of all things detoxifying, clarifying and deep cleansing – so when I saw good reviews about this mask I had to pick it up and see if it was worth the money. At £39 per 34g tub it’s definitely a pricy mask to go for – but does it deliver?


Let’s start with the key features of the mask:

1 –Acnecidic-6 4.4% is a blend of 6 acids: glycolic, salicylic, lactic, mandelic, pyruvic and tartaric acids designed to lower the pH which will increase the speed of restorative processes allowing you to see clearer skin faster

2- Pore-Matrix is composed of activated-X Charcoal an Xtreme absorption carbon which attracts toxins and dirt from the deepest areas of the skin while K-17 Clay helps to extract and encapsulate excess sebum oils and toxins so they can easily be washed away

3-Bio-Life-Cell-Science through ingredients such as eucalyptus leaf, liquorice root, peppermint plant, chamomile, marigold, aloe, ivy and cucumber

4-Teaoxi delivers eucalyptol, linalool oil and flavonoids directly into the supermud

So does the product actually deliver?

The first thing I think I need to address is I feel like the above list is a little unnecessary, it feels like they are trying to dress up ingredients used by many brands to make the mask seem fancier than it really is. Maybe that’s an unpopular opinion, and I definitely think the above list demonstrates great marketing skills, but something about it feels like they’re trying to deceive their audience – I could be very wrong it just feels a little bit fake to me.

All reservations aside after a few weeks of testing I think I have fallen in love with this product. I’m going to talk you through the different ways I’ve used the mask and the effects I’ve seen.

On first application I used this all over my face, it goes lighter colour on application as it dries down like a typical mud mask. The results of this weren’t amazing – I found my cheeks and chin felt immediately dry after use and it took a couple of days to regain moisture in those areas. I also found a few larger breakouts began to emerge on my forehead, although this is a sign it might be pulling up dirt etc from my skin it was definitely really disheartening to have large breakouts and dry skin having spent nearly £40 on the mask.

However I wasn’t going to give up that easily – so I decided to instead use it on my nose in an attempt to reduce the size of my pores as I didn’t get any adverse reactions in this area. After using it once or twice a week on my nose my pores definitely looked smaller and my nose felt smoother.

Feeling a little happier with the effects I decided to use it as a spot treatment on breakouts that are sitting under the skin and I found that it worked really well at reducing the pressure under the skin and ensuring that they didn’t materialise into big cystic spots.

Overall I love this mask – but only on my nose and breakouts sitting under the surface of the skin, otherwise it’s simply too drying for my combination skin. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re struggling with breakouts and pores but I would be prepared for a little bit of trial and error before you find the best way to use it for your skin.

Have you tried anything from GlamGlow? What are your favourite products?








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