I can.

Today I wanted to start a bit of an impromptu series detailing some advice and thoughts throughout the year, I don’t want this to be forced and regular so I can’t promise you’ll see this type of post every week or even every month. I also can’t promise they will always be positive, life at the moment seems to be filled with more challenges than victories and that can definitely become deflating at times.

But today I wanted to share a bit of motivation, in the simplest of phrases.

I can.

In life it’s so easy to feel fearful, what if things go wrong? what if I don’t succeed? what if I’m not happy? We spend so much time searching for this happiness in belongings or people or books when really we can only find happiness in ourselves. Making a conscious effort to do things that make you happy, become a person who makes you happy and associate with people who bring you joy are decisions we all have to make for ourselves. Once you have made the decision to be happier, you become more positive. Believing you can do something is half the battle, whether that’s with exams or work or personal goals. Having an ‘I can’ attitude towards your goals is vital to actually achieving your goals.

So today I wanted to give you some encouragement that whatever it is you want to achieve today, you can do it. With hard work, motivation and a positive attitude we can all get where we want to be, wherever your dreams may lead you.


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