Getting your Glycolic Fix #1 – Alpha H Liquid Gold

Glycolic acid is an incredible skincare ingredient, for me it’s where my skincare journey really began as I realised the powers of skincare and the amazing effects it could have on my skin. In this series I’ll be giving you the run down of a few of the Glycolic acid products on the market from high end to budget buys. Hopefully you’ll be able to find the perfect glycolic fix for you!

Image result for liquid gold alpha h

Today I have to start with the glycolic acid that stole my heart, Liquid Gold from Alpha H. This has 5% glycolic acid which lowers your skins pH from around 5.5 to 3, which stimulates cell activity which accelerates repair and renewal processes. This stuff is pretty strong, you definitely need to gradually build up your tolerance from about once a week for a month or so until you are able to apply it two or three times a week to see maximum benefits.

I love liquid gold because not only do I see real results in the form of less breakouts and glowing skin, but it’s also so quick and simple. You swipe it over your face on a cotton pad and you’re done, straight to bed with no faff. I’d definitely recommend this if you’re busy and just don’t have the time for extra steps in your routine. However due to its potency this cannot be used everyday or as part of your morning routine as it increases sun sensitivity and turns the skin red on application.

It retails for £33.50 for 100ml on Cult Beauty, but you can usually find multi buy deals or reduced sets on QVC. It’s definitely pricy, but for me it’s worth every penny. If you want to buy it instore in the UK M&S also stock Alpha H products in their beauty halls.

Have you tried Alpha H Liquid Gold, what are your thoughts?


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