Spring Cleaning your Beauty & Fashion

The days are definitely starting to get longer, as I sit here now it’s half past 5 and still so bright outside! I thought I’d share my top tips for giving your wardrobe, beauty regime and your skin a little spring clean!

  1. Wash your make-up brushes – I used to be one of those people who would wash their make-up brushes every fortnight without fail, however I am ashamed to say it’s been a good few months since I last gave them all a proper wash. Not only is this really unsanitary but it also stops me from experimenting with different eyeshadows and face products as I repeatedly use the same brushes with the same products. I feel like a good deep clean is not only desperately needed but also so refreshing – I feel like I’ve got all my shit together when my brushes are pristine.
  2. Clean out your skin – for me the GlamGlow SuperMud Treatment has been my go-to (expect a full review soon!) it feels tingly on application due to the high acid content so it exfoliates while cleaning out the pores. You can definitely feel this working, and I would warn sensitive skins that this may be a little too harsh for you. On my first application it brought out so many spots on my face and I instantly regretted applying it, however since the spots have begun to disappear my skin does look clearer and my pores look more refined. I think it’s one of those products that you need to commit to, and having paid £39 for the pot I definitely will be committing to it, but think of it more as a long term process than as a quick fix product.
  3. Throw out your old makeup – there’s nothing more therapeutic than going through your makeup collection and binning loads of products that smell a little funky. Checking the expiration date is easy to do, but sometimes remembering exactly when you bought a product is a little more difficult. I go back through order emails or my pictures to try and figure out when I bought a product, but if I’m ever in any doubt it usually heads to the bin.
  4. Bring out the acid – I’m currently planning a whole post on acid toners/ night treatments so look out for that. But as my skin becomes a little more oily as we get more sunlight I feel the need to exfoliate that little bit more, Liquid Gold (the original) is usually my go-to but I’ve also been loving their Rejuvenating Night Cream that also has glycolic acid in.
  5. Bin 5 items of clothing – we all have those pieces of clothing that linger in the back of the wardrobe just waiting to be discovered in 5 years time. This year I’m really trying to get my wardrobe in order (as I say every year!) but Spring is usually the time when I bin all the items I haven’t used over the past year in order to make room for the new items for Spring/Summer. It’s also an excuse to buy loads of clothes to fill the gaps – even though that definitely defies the point!

What are your Spring cleaning tips? Leave them below, I’d love to try them!


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