Calling All Brassy Blondes – Infuse My Colour Wash in Platinum


If you’re a blonde and are struggling with maintaining an ashy tone then look no further as I’ve found the best purple shampoo I’ve ever tried. This is the Infuse My. Colour Wash in the shade Platinum – a lightly shimmery shampoo packed with bright violet pigment. It retails for £13.95 but is currently on offer for £10.49 at Boots for a 270ml bottle.

Purple toner shampoos are designed to brighten any brassy or orangey tones that tend to appear in blonde hair, no shampoo toner will have the power to transform a dark copper blonde to a light platinum blonde – but shampoo toners will add some ashiness without actually lightening the hair.

However unlike other purple shampoos I’ve tried this one is not stripping at all but still does noticeably lift brassiness out of the hair. I used to be a loyal Provoke Touch of Silver user, which is a little cheaper retailing at £3.19 for 150ml, but this shampoo really dried my hair out leaving it quite frizzy if I didn’t apply an oil or serum once it had dried. Therefore I’m so impressed that the Infuse My Colour wash achieves such incredible effects (even better than the Provoke shampoo) without drying out my hair.

Don’t worry if you’ve read all this thinking ‘But I’m not blonde!’ fear not because Infuse My Colour have numerous other colours which would work so well with darker hair colours such as Copper to add an orange tone or Ruby to add some red to your locks.

Do you use hair toners? Which are your favourites?


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