Skincare Wish List

Today I wanted to share all the skincare items currently on my wish list. I’m currently really happy with my skincare routine but I always feel like there’s room for improvement! Here are the top items on my list at the moment!

  1. Sunday Riley Flora – okay first things first is this not the prettiest skincare product you’ve ever seen!? I think I would pay £50 just to have this as an ornament – okay well maybe not but you get the gist! The 30ml bottle retails for a painful £70…owch. The description says it helps to promote clear, healthy and younger looking skin and is aimed at dull or lacklustre complexions irrespective of age. I feel like this would be an amazing product to add to my routine and the reviews on Cult Beauty might just sway me to purchase this over the next few months.
  2. Ceramic Slip Cleanser Sunday Riley – this is another Sunday Riley product I really want to try. Most of my cleansers aren’t really stripping or aimed at oily skin as I’m a massive believer of not stripping the skin. But I’m really interested in trying this cleanser as it appears to be the perfect balance between stripping and balancing. The price point also isn’t too bad (for Sunday Riley!) at £35 for 125ml.
  3. Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio Repair Gel Mask – this is basically an excuse to swoon over all of the masks by Peter Thomas Roth but I am yet to try any of them. For me my top picks would be the Rose Stem Cell and The Irish Moor Mud masks. The Rose Stem Cell mask stimulates epidermal cell renewal and protects against pollution and UV damage. The Irish Moor Mud Mask hydrates and detoxifies, great for those of us who struggle with breakouts and blackheads.
  4. Alpha H Vitamin Profiling Set – this is like a spice rack for skincare and I’m loving everything about it. It’s a set of vitamins A (kick starts sluggish cells), B (reenergises cells), C (protection from free radical attack) and E (replenishing) which you mix and match to create custom skincare – and for under £50!


What’s on your skincare wish list?



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