How To: Save Money on Beauty Products

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Everyone loves a good haul, but sometimes things can get a little too expensive (I say as I buy a £60 cleanser *cringe*). So here are my top tips to save you some money on your beauty products!

  1. Sign up to beauty company emailing lists – yes, this might tempt you to spend more money if you see a good offer but it also helps you to know when there are good offers on. Feel Unique and Cult Beauty are pretty good on the email front, when I wake up in the morning and check my emails if I see a good offer on a product I was going to buy anyway I’m always so thankful for the emailing lists!
  2. Use the ‘saved items’ or ‘wish list’ sections – keeping products you’re interested in purchasing in an area like this is such a good idea when searching for deals. Not only does it stop you forgetting the items on your wish list (which may be bad for the bank balance!) it also helps you to monitor the price, then when/if the price drops you’ll be one of the first to know!
  3. Sign up to voucher/points schemes – I’m talking everything here from Boots Advantage Card to Feel Unique Platinum Membership, they’re all usually pretty good deals. Also if you’re a student don’t forget UniDays and your NUS Card which will also help you to save a little extra money.
  4. Go for tested products/ don’t buy blind – to avoid wasting your money on products that you don’t like or don’t work never buy a product without reading a review or swatching/testing in store. This particularly goes for foundation shades, it takes a few minutes to walk out into the light and see the colour in daylight and will save you a decent amount of money if you realise it’s the wrong shade (as we can’t return beauty products in the UK).
  5. Go ‘cheaper drugstore’ when you can – this essentially means compare your ingredients – you might find you’re surprised at the similarities in products you find in Boots and those found in Selfridges. Do a bit of research online and see if you can find a product with similar active ingredients at a cheaper price, you may well be surprised at the results. For me I nearly always buy drugstore hair products (despite the fact I’m currently using the Redken Extreme Range but personally I’d just as happily pick up John Frieda), I always buy drugstore body moisturiser and body oil and always get drugstore nail varnish – it’s personal preference where you choose to invest in your routine but skimping on the cost of some products is usually a good idea.
  6. Invest in supersizes if you know you love it – I always do this with my hair products because I go through shampoo and conditioner like you wouldn’t believe, but also with skincare if I know I love it like the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm. But obviously don’t go out and buy the supersize versions if you’re not one hundred percent in love with the product!
  7. Live out of a makeup bag (use things up) – This is one where I don’t practice what I preach, unfortunately. If you set yourself up with one set of skincare or makeup or haircare and use that for a few weeks straight you’ll find you actually use things up and get your moneys worth out of a product. There’s no point spending a lot of money on items and then leaving them in a cupboard until they go out of date. I’m pretty good with skincare and haircare but makeup is my downfall here – I just love trying new stuff.
  8. Compare online before you buy – this seems like a pretty basic tip but checking the price of items in numerous stores before you buy could save you a lot of money. Particularly in the UK if you’re deciding between Superdrug and Boots, you might find a much better deal at one store and manage to save yourself a good amount of money!
  9. Know what you like – I feel like this is a skill you master over time, when you stop jumping on the hype of products just because they are popular and begin to actually evaluate what will work for you. For example I love a yellow toned foundation, in fact I need a yellow toned foundation, you could offer me the best foundation in the world but if it’s pink toned I wouldn’t take it. I’ve wasted so much money in the past on pink toned foundations before I finally realised it was the tone I was getting wrong. I’m not saying no one should wear a pink toned foundation – it’s just an example of knowing what you like and sticking to it. I’m a yellow foundation, ashy brow, warm eyeshadow kinda person and no product will change this!
  10. THINK before you buy  – this is the most basic piece of advice I could ever give but thinking before you buy anything is so important. Do I genuinely like the product (or think I will like it)? Do I have anything really similar to this? Could I survive the next few weeks without this? Have I seen something in the past few weeks I like more than this product?

What are your top tips for saving money on beauty products?


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