Top 10 MAC Lipsticks

MAC lipsticks have always been one of my favourite items in my collection. They’re fairly affordable although the price is steadily increasing and the colour selection is in my opinion one of the best on the market. Today I’m sharing with you my top ten (in no particular order). I’m also aware that some of these are incredibly similar, but I feel like I can find a place for all of them in my collection.


  1. Blankety – a beigey creamy nude that works best when I haven’t got any fake tan on (NC15)  as it looks far too pale when I’m tanned (NC30).
  2. Spirit – if Whirl and Velvet Teddy had a baby I think this would be it – I only use this when I’ve got tan on otherwise it’s too brown for my liking. It’s easier to wear than Whirl but still a little bit more interesting than a normal nude lip.
  3. Velvet Teddy – my absolute go-to nude lip for a night out, those kinds of nights out when you don’t even know if you’ll make it home and absolutely cannot have a high maintenance lip. It goes with nearly every single eye look and it never fails me.
  4. Faux – a little pinkier than my usual lip but it’s still definitely not a bright lip. I love it for days when I’ve got a simpler eye look and want something to make me look a little more alive.
  5. Twig – this is a darker, nuder version of Faux which I love for both when I’m tanned and not tanned. It’s a beautiful Autumnal lip and I’ve never found anything quite like it.
  6. Whirl – everyone seems to love Whirl and while I do love it (hence it’s in this post!) I have to say I find Spirit much easier to wear. Whirl is definitely a darker lip and I much prefer it on my skin when I’m tanned as I find it can wash me out when I’m paler. I reach for it on nights out when I want a quick and simple look that’s still beautiful without being too high maintenance.
  7. Verve – a darker colour than Whirl which looks pretty similar but has more of a berry undertone which I love. Like Twig this is an Autumnal/Winter lip for me as it’s a nice cross of a nude and a berry, I’d really recommend trying out one of these shades if you want an easier to wear berry colour.
  8. Honeylove – a pretty standard nudey lip, I wear when I’m an NC15-NC20 and it never fails me when I want a true nude.
  9. Modesty – my absolute all time go to for a ‘carry in the handbag’ nude. It’s so easy to wear and hydrating on the lips, it goes with every single eye look and I always try and carry it in my bag just in case I find myself in need of a lipstick.
  10. Hang Up – this is the dark horse of the list, I love this lipstick because you can layer it up and it’s a super dark blood berry, or you can pat it down and sheer it out into a berry glow and I just love the versatility of this lipstick. I’m clearly a nude girl when it comes to lips but this is one of those lipsticks I still get a lot of use out of because it’s just so versatile.

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks?



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