Simple Steps to Productivity

We all have those days when we need a little extra productivity, something to give us a spring in our step and a sense of purpose to our mindset. Here are my simple steps to ensuring your day is that little bit more productive.


  1. set the mood – a messy room equals a messy mind, think of your surroundings as a mirror of your mind, if your surroundings are clean and tidy then your mind can think clearly and work productively. But if your desk is cluttered and messy you’ll struggle to concentrate on the task at hand and find yourself thinking more about the mess. So step number one is to tidy and/or clean your working area, it doesn’t have to be a lengthy process especially if you do a little each day, just a quick tidy around will start your day off a little bit more smoothly.
  2. write a to-do list – not only is this satisfying to tick off, it sets your day off to a good start and ends it with *hopefully* a productive feeling ending. It’s a useful idea to write down how long you think each task will take you and the priority order of the tasks, then order them in the order you will complete them and don’t forget to schedule meals and any ‘school runs’ etc into the plan.
  3. remove distractions – for some tasks like cleaning I love having an episode of a series or a YouTube video on but for tasks that require more concentration I pop my phone on loud and then shove it in my top desk drawer. Yes, I know that kind of defies the point putting it on loud, but more often than not it’s not the noise of notifications that actually distracts me but the constant fidgeting and checking Instagram and Facebook. If I’ve got something really important to do I just turn my phone off all together.
  4. little additions – sometimes I like lighting a candle to help me concentrate but I need to make sure it’s not something which will send me off to sleep! I’ll also grab an iced latte if I’m feeling a little worse for wear, and I always make sure to open a window (if it’s not too cold!) because the circulation of fresh air always helps me think clearer.
  5. reward yourself with breaks – yes, you should take breaks anyway regardless of ‘rewards’ but sometimes saying to yourself ‘you can go and watch an episode of Gossip Girl once this chapter is finished’ really does motivate you more than anything else. Also if you’re studying arrange a study date with a friend in a café or restaurant to give you a little more motivation combined with a break from being stuck indoors working.

What are your top tips to increase your productivity?



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