Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour and Highlight Powders

Today I wanted to share my Anastasia Contour and Highlight Palette, I created this as a palette I could use on both the face and the eyes. I love using the same products on the eyes and face as I find it’s such a flattering look while allowing you to keep it super natural or easily make it more dramatic. I’ve stored 15 pans in an extra large Z-Palette. The Z-Palette costs £22.50 from BeautyBay and includes 20 magnets (10 circles and 10 rectangles). The Anastasia powders were on sale for £4.20 reduced from £14 on BeautyBay, so if you’re interested in building your own palette I’d definitely recommend checking out BeautyBay first! I also want to add that the quality of these powders in incredible – they’re all so creamy and pigmented and blend so beautifully both on the face and the eyes.


camel – a beautiful warm toned brown which will work beautifully in the crease

carob – the darkest of the bunch which I bought for outer corner/crease blending, this definitely won’t be making it anywhere near by NC20 shade face!

champagne – a shimmery bisque I would use as a face highlight or all over the lid as a base or a brow bone highlight

cinnamon – a reddish brown, a little darker than camel which will work well in the crease or outer corner

copper brown – surprisingly another red toned brown for the crease and outer corner

cream soda – a pale tawny colour for all over the lid or a crease colour

earth – a deep golden brown which is definitely less red toned than some of the others in this palette, would also work really well as a dark bronzer

latte – a radiant peachy cream colour which would work all over the lid or the crease, or as a highlight on darker skin tones

macchiato – a golden tan which will look beautiful all over the lid or through the crease

nutmeg – a warm sand, similar to Soba by MAC

sand – a radiant chiffon which will look beautiful as a face highlight or an all over lid colour

sandstone – a muted coral that will look so good blended through the crease

#10K – a sheer gold highlight that will look beautiful on darker skin tones

terracotta – an earthy redish brown with a strong pink/red hue which I’ve been using as a blush and it looks really subtle yet glowy

golden peach – a soft peach for all over the lid or a brow bone/face highlight

Which is your favourite colour from Anastasia’s contour powder range?


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