Spring Additions

This week I’ve begun to see the first signs of Spring peeking through, a few daffodils on the side of the road and some stunning sunsets across the fields where I live. (near* where I live – I don’t live in the field!) and it’s got my thinking about the changes I make to my beauty and fashion around this time of year. So here are my top ten.

  1. If you’re not already using SPF you must start using an SPF. Even in climates where it’s not that hot or sunny. Using an SPF is proven to reduce the signs of aging and of course protects you from developing skin cancer. If you do nothing else before you head out of the door an SPF is an absolute must. My favourite is the Alpha H Protection Plus Daily SPF50+ which retails for around £37. It doesn’t contain petrochemicals (ie. mineral oil which can cause breakouts if you have acne prone skin) and is tinted on application but blends out invisible which is great because you can ensure you’re applying enough and covering everywhere.
  2. Protect your eyes – I know I may sound like I’m far too concerned about sun damage (which I don’t believe is a bad thing!) but I also love a good pair of sunglasses. I usually go for an aviator style but I’m thinking of changing it up a bit this year. When buying sunglasses you want to make sure they’re actually designed to give you a good level of protection (Not just tinted plastic!) check the label which should say UVA/UVB protection and if it doesn’t then don’t risk it and try elsewhere. I’ve always found Boots to have a good selection of fashionable yet functional sunglasses.
  3. Add some denim – sometimes I feel like Summer is a little too hot and sweaty to be pulling on skinny jeans every day – even in England, so Spring is usually when I try and amp up my summer denim. I picked up this shirt in Topshop which I’m completely in love with. It retails for £34 and feels like ‘proper denim’ not just ‘blue shirt’ material. It’s pretty oversized so if you want a less oversized look I’d go down a size. It’s also long enough so it covers enough if you want to just throw it on with leggings and the brightness of the denim gives a pop of colour without actually being a vivid colour. I’m also loving the Hayden jean style in Topshop which I’m tempted to try but definitely don’t feel cool enough!                                                         denim shirt.jpghayden.jpg
  4. Add some prints or embroidery – again from Topshop I’ve been loving this Hummingbird Cropped Shirt which was £32. I’m not naturally a lover of prints and bright colours – hence why I feel a denim shirt is adding a pop of colour! But while I haven’t fully jumped on board with the embroidery trend I think there are some beautiful pieces out at the moment that are more simple and easy to wear but still bring some uniqueness to your outfit.                                                                                                                   hummingbird.jpg
  5. Try a coloured bag – while I wish I could splash out on the Gucci Soho Disco Bag I just cannot justify over £700 on a bag I may hardly wear. But I love the idea of having a statement bag which means you don’t need to pay too much attention to the rest of the outfit. Therefore I’ll probably end up opting for the MAB Camera Bag from Rebecca Minkoff which is about 10% of the price of the Gucci one. There’s something so effortless and classy about just throwing a red bag on with a simple outfit to give it something extra.          gucci.jpg
  6. Orangey-Brown eyes – I used to hate warm toned shadows, but since I’ve been fake tanning more I think it’s such a beautiful look to have the same tones on your cheeks and eyes. There’s something so effortless and simple about it but still looks so beautiful on. I’ve recently bought FAR too many Anastasia contour and highlight powders which I’ve been loving using on my cheeks and my eyes and I got them on sale on BeautyBay for around £4 each!
  7. The glossy lip – I feel like matte lips are so on trend and while I do love a matte lipstick I find the matte liquid lipsticks just so unflattering and uncomfortable on my lips and I never find myself wanting to wear them. So I love that as Spring starts the glossy lip always seems to come back on trend a little – my favourites are the YSL Gloss Voluptes – shade 20 which is my go-to nude. It’s a little on the glittery side but doesn’t look too childish or garish on the lips.ysl
  8. The White Shirt – I’m always a lover of a good white shirt, they’re perfect for nearly every occasion from a job interview to a night out or just popping to the shops and they look even more incredible with a bit of a tan. Some of my favourites this season are shown below with clickable links.                                                                            whiteladywhitewwhite-shirt
  9. Golden glow – I’m such a lover of a good glowy product on the cheeks, my go-to highlight is usually MAC Shell with Soft and Gentle packed over the top or just one of these on its own for a more natural look. I also love using NARS Luster blush which is an orangey shimmer – I have to make sure I use a light hand but it looks so beautiful on the skin and will certainly brighten your complexion for Spring.
  10. Oil it up – while people seem to associate amping up your moisture in your skincare routine with winter, I love to make sure I’m carrying this through into Spring. Not only is it great for your skin but it also gives you a beautiful glow. My current oil is the Emma Hardie Brilliant Oil which I have fallen in love with, despite having oiler skin it sinks in straight away and doesn’t leave me feeling like an oil slick. If I know I won’t be applying makeup I’ll pop this on all over my face or if I am wearing makeup I’ll pop a drop into my foundation and blend all over my skin for a beautiful glow.

What do you switch up in your routine for Spring?


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