Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir

I’m a spender, always have been, always will be. But nearly £100 on a perfume has always felt a little too painful for me. But a few weeks ago I wandered into Jo Malone and ended up £86 lighter – and with no regrets.

People always speak so highly of Jo Malone fragrances – and I hate to say that I’ve always been the kind of person to buy a cheaper perfume and not think too much about it, but not anymore.

Pomegranate Noir has a base note of Guaiacwood which means very little to me apart from meaning it’s woody which I adore. The heart note is Casablanca Lily which is a spicier scent and then the obvious top note is Pomegranate. This means that it is far placed from being your typical fruity scent and lands a lot nearer woody than fruity. Despite being a cologne I am so impressed by the wear time, I can definitely still smell it after a long day, and I’ve only ever found myself reapplying once throughout the day.

I adore this fragrance and expect to get so much use out of it over the coming months and I’d definitely recommend popping into your nearest Jo Malone to smell it.

What’s your favourite fragrance at the moment?


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